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The Functional Components of an E-Store

To majority of people, an e-store is one or more fancy Web pages with product details, prices and a button “Add to Cart”. It is a virtual store where you may select your items, check the merchandises of your shopping cart and process a checkout. In Web development, this is only the front-end part: store front that faces customers. There are other functional components that have to be built in order to run an e-store on the Internet. In this article, we have a big pleasure to present you the functional components of an e-store.

Store front

Store front is the pages that open to the public (or anonymous visitors). Everyone may reach these pages and view their options. This functional component contains product catalog, promotion information, prices, shopping cart, shipping costs, and some stores also post their return policies here.

In more details, a shopper shall be able to check the itmes in his shopping cart at any time, be able to remove items or modify quantities; the shopping cart is capable of re-calculating the prices and running total after a modification has occured. These are basic functions of a shopping cart.

Check out

After a customer is satisfied with the items and quantities in his shopping cart, he shall be then able to make his payment and leave your e-store. This process is a Check Out, just like a physical store. Check out involves order summary and payment process. Under this circumstance, a customer has to create an account with his login information so that he may return to the site and log in to view his order history and shipping status; meanwhile, as a store owner, you know who has ordered your products. Anonymous check out is never acceptable.

Making payment on the Internet has been a very sensitive subject over the years. Which site is secure? Which payment method is more secure than another? We often encourage our clients to use Paypal as their means of payment because that is the most secure mechanism so far and an expert on online payment. Both your store and your customers benefit.

Customer management

Customer management belongs to the back-end functional component. This function is only visible to you, the store owner. Customers who made orders and store owners who manage the store are assigned to different roles. When some one logs in, he sees only the functions that he is supposed to use. This is called membership management.

The functions of customer management often includes check user status (active or inactive), unlock a user, and watch activities of users. Some statistics of customer activities can be added in this component.

Product management

Product management is back-end management. It allows the site owner to add new products, modify current product details or prices or delete a product that is no longer on sale. When you log in to the site as an administrator, the product management function is visible to you. You may interact with your Website to keep your product information always update.

The above funtional components are basic parts that make a e-store work properly. The Web developers need to do extra work that is invisible to users in order to build this module. We have created a couple of e-stores in the past years and obtained experience on it. If you are interested in having your own store online, you may contact us for more information.


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