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How To Promote Business On The Internet

Before we get into this topic, you must have your Website running on the Internet. A Website is your business entity online. When we talk about promoting your business, we are talking about promoting your Website.

Promoting your business on the Internet has some similarities and differences comparing to the traditional ways. Yet, it has unique features that greatly influencce your marketing results. We will cover all these aspects.

Similarities to traditional marketing

Promoting your business online has the same concept and objectives as promoting your physical store. You want your business name, products and services to be known by as many people, as many areas as you can. The similarities are at the following areas.

  • Company branding and identity: logo, base colors, slogan, and mission statements
  • Investing on advertising: investing on the media where you have a lot of traffic
  • Quality is essentail: you are selling only quality products to your customers
  • Sales coupons or seasonal liquidations: selling in a reduced prices
  • Customer reward program: alllowing your customer to accumulate credit for reward

Consumers are consumers. They want to use their money to the most productivity. If you understand them, use the same mentality to work towards the same objective as you do in the traditional market, you win everywhere.

Differences to traditional marketing

The differences of online marketing to traditional marketing make the indentity of success and failure. If this is new to you, it is worth you to put down other things and focus on understanding it all before you invest in online marketing. Here are the major differences.

  • Finding out the media where you advertise: discover the websites that have busy daily traffic
  • Smoothing customer experience in technology: customers navigate freely your online store
  • Handling shipping cost: keep the selling prices low even with shipping cost
  • Collecting data: it is easy to set up a mechanism on your site and collect customers preferences

These are basic differences and you have full control to all of them. You are now dealing with a virtual store that you design and set it in the way you want it to be, easly and completely.

Special features of online marketing

If you look at the special features of e-business marketing, you might say: this is totally a new arena to me. It is new to everyone. In this field, we are mostly dealing with search engines. 80 to 85 percent of traffic is coming to your site through search engines. Your products and services become visible when people search for them on search engines. The keys that affect online marketing are as following.

  • Understanding how search engines work: this is known as Search Engine Optimization(SEO).
  • Setting e-marketing rules in site programming: part of SEO is set in site programming
  • You have 3 seconds to make sales: your Web page is self-explained. You got to get him in 3 seconds

To explain it in more details, we set it on a complete process. A potential customer searches the product you are offering by typing the keywords on a search engine. You have worked out your SEO and your Website is indexed to the first page in the search result. The customer comes to your page and has a glance to your site. You do not have any opportunity to convince him to make his purchase. He reads the content of the page and decides to stay or leave for the next site. In this case, your statement is the key that makes sales. This is a very special feature of online marketing.

The online marketing is such a big topic that each section of the above could be explained in a long article. If you are new to it, you would be better off to read more articles that are related to each section. Knowledge will give you the power. Once you have gained the knowledge, you may apply little by little to your business practice.

At any time, you may contact our eProsper Solutions for help and advice.


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