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Services We Are Offering

We provide Web-based solutions for business, such as consulting on e-business, building Websites, and advising online marketing strategies. Our main focus is building Websites. The sites could be in the following categories.

Company Catalog

We are living in the Internet era when everything is online. That a company has its domain registered and Website on the Internet becomes one of the important criteria of its credibility. Online company catalog is almost the very first step to set up a business. We are fully capable of building a professional company catalog for your business and make it visible online within 7 business days.

Your company catalog will include the introduction to your business, your mission, the services you are offering, maybe the prices as well, your past and onging projects, your customers testimonial, your location and contact information, etc. These information self-explains your business 24/7 on the Internet for a very little cost comparing to the advertising fees.

Product Catalog

With an online product catalog, your company will save a lot of cost on paper-print catalog. This e-solution is very good to our environment as well. On your product catalog pages, you may post product images, size or color options, prices and shipping informaiton. With extended site development, your clients may order online, too. This will go to our e-store section.

Product catalog serves as a 24/7 product information agent. Your sales will reach far more countries and regions than that you have ever imagined before. You will discover more opportunities that you are not able to in your local city.

Personal Site

Everyone shall have their own personal site to express themselves as a unique individual. It could be profession or expertise related or pure personility statements. On a personal Website, you may claim your talent, past works, pictures, achievements and rewards, personal goals and the means of contact.

A personal site is a media that connects an individual to the society on the ever busy Internet. It enables people in the outside world to find your talents and capabilities that possess, and facilitates development in a much broader view.


An e-store operates 24/7 with relatively no cost. With a shopping cart ready online, your clients are ready to make purchases without any help. You make sales even when you are in sleep. Thank the Internet that gives us the best way ever to manage our business.

An e-store shall include product details, shipping information, shopping cart, product management(add, update or delete product information), checkout process, membership management(customer login to check order status). This will involve longer time and higher cost to accomplish the site.

Web Tool

A useful, popular Web tool is one of the best online business. It provides utility with no need of shipping, saving on shipping cost. A tool could involve data analysis, certain calculation and drawing. For example, weight control sites, loan interest calculation sites, lottery generator sites, etc. Lazy jet cat lottery generator and weight wathers are of this example. Whatever in your expertise and you can think about, we can build it on the Internet.

For more details and other types of site, please contact us.


eBusiness Know-How
For a lot of people, how to promote their business on the Internet is completely a new arena. For some others who knew a bit before about it, the online marketing has been dramatically changed. Our blog will help help you in both situations. We intend to explain how nowadays eBusiness marketing works Read more ...

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Our mission is to help business of any kind and any size to spread their information and expend their sales through the Internet. We develop highly customized Websites according to their business needs. We combine our business knowledge with our technology skills Read more...